Sunday, March 11, 2012

Vanity Lights

I searched for months for lights to put above the new vanities.  The big box stores didn't have anything we liked so we tried some smaller lighting stores in the area -- still nothing.  I looked online and even bought some that I ended up sending back.  We knew we wanted a 3-light fixture and it had to be relatively short (our vanities are only 30 inches wide).  Some of the lights that we liked looked too white next to our off-white cabinets, so I just kept looking.  I finally found these at Yale Electric.   We can't wait to see them with the vanities in place, but for now we just wanted more light to install the floor tile.

The middle light bulb in this fixture is another LED bulb (the rest are incandescent bulbs).  The LED bulb is way too blue for the bathroom lighting.  We'll stick to incandescent bulbs for this room.  Overall we really like the concept of the LED bulbs, but we're not completely sold yet.  We tried several in the bathroom and family room.  The color varies greatly and some of them make a very faint buzzing noise.  The technology is still very new so I think we'll wait a little while and try them again once some of the bugs are worked out. 

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