Monday, March 26, 2012

Garden Update

Since we got a late start with the garden last year because it took us awhile to pick a location and build the beds we were excited to get started early this year (or maybe closer to being on-time).  Some of you may be totally bored by the early garden plants but this photo documentation is way better than a written journal (just typing the word makes me twitch a little bit) so you'll just have to ignore my garden and landscaping updates until I can get to something more exciting (like the awesome tile that is going in around the bathtub!).  We're attempting to follow some of the methods from the Square Foot Gardener book.  I love the concept but not the author. He seems to think that he invented gardening!

Here is some (surprising healthy, at least in my opinion) Greek Oregano that survived the mild winter. 

The oregano is hanging out with the garlic I planted at the very beginning of November (I should have planted it in October but I think the mild winter saved me)

Our first planting of snow peas (I think these are Oregon giant, a bush variety).  These were planted about two weeks ago.

 And the second planting of snow peas (these are Dwarf Grey, a climbing variety) are just starting to pop up.  We planted these about a week ago.

A few spinach and broccoli plants.  I didn't have great luck with broccoli last year.  I tried to start it from seed and I planted it way too late in the spring.  Hopefully this year will be more successful.

I got these tomato teepees on sale at the end of last year in the hopes of getting some earlier tomatoes.  I know it's crazy early to plant tomatoes, but Walmart was actually selling them so I thought it was worth the chance.  I actually found a pot with two plants for the price of one and they have grow noticeably since I planted them over a week ago.  If we succeed we'll have early tomatoes and either way it's worth a try.  We are supposed to get freezing temperatures tonight so I covered them with an old sheet.  Hopefully they will survive. 

I also started some seeds in the basement.  Some herbs, tomatoes, eggplant, and lettuce. 

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