Friday, March 9, 2012

Master Bathroom Updates

I am way behind on my blogging.  Apparently we are doing work around the house faster than I can write about it.  I'm an engineer because I like numbers a lot more than words and the writing part of this whole blog thing is not my favorite, but we really do love being able to look back through the blog and see what we have accomplished.  Bear with me while I try to play catch-up...

Andy was home from work a day last week and he painted the walls in the bathroom.  We picked a light grayish-greenish-taupey kind of color.  I think I need to learn how to use white balance with the camera because these pictures really don't show the true color.  On my computer these pictures make the walls look a bit sea-foamy green, but it's not all accurate.  

Neither of us are good at cutting in by hand, so it's worth it to us to take the time to tape the ceiling.

After two coats of paint Andy was able to cut the underlayment for the new tile.  We chose a product called Ditra mat in place of cement backer board.  It's lighter and supposed to be easier to install, but it is more expensive.  After using backer board in the tub surround we thought this product could be worthwhile.  The tile has been down since last weekend and while we are not unhappy with the Ditra mat, we're not sure it's worth the extra money.

After laying it all out Andy was able to attach it to the subfloor with a thin layer of thinset.

We taped a temporary plastic border to protect the newly painted walls (this picture is probably the best representation of the wall color).  It's officially ready for floor tile!

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