Wednesday, December 12, 2012

All the Trimmings

With all of the trim sitting in the family room waiting to be installed we decided to cut and paint the pieces that we needed for the master bathroom since the walls were already painted.  We knew it would need some touch-up after it was installed to cover all of the nail holes (oh, so many nail holes) but this would save some time and energy taping the walls since neither of us are very good at cutting in by hand. I setup some areas in the basement and painted all of the wood trim and new baseboard heaters.

While I was painting Andy started hanging the rest of the trim that will get painted as we paint each individual room.

We were so happy to have closets with doors that we didn't realize how nice it would be to actually have them finished with trim!

The inside of Andy's closest got standard casing that matches the rest of our house.

But we had to go with a flat profile trim in my closest so that Andy could attach the bracket for the shoe shelves.

 He also added trim around the hallway closest since we decided we prefer the look of trim to finished drywall edges around a door.  And when we decided to add the trim we figured we should also replace the old, metal bi-fold doors. 

We put new trim in every room that is scheduled to get paint/new carpet in the near future including the upstairs hall, master bedroom, and family room. If you can look past the builder beige walls, the seen-better-days tan carpet, and the walking-on-the-ocean aqua carpet then the baseboard is an improvement.  I try. Everyday I try not to look at the bedroom carpet.  It's impossible. 

The profile is simple, but taller than the old trim.

The family room wasn't on the original list for new trim but since we already replaced the ceiling and plan to paint the paneling we thought it would be best to replace the trim since we found some problems with the existing trim (like the missing piece where the cable was installed).  Kodak will leave every time I try to take his picture -- instead he's into photo bombing my house photos!

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