Monday, December 10, 2012

End of Year Garden Update

We had a much larger harvest with most of our veggies this year.  Through August and September we got lots of tomatoes, basil, green beans, hot peppers, eggplant, cucumbers, and a few squash.  Our squash plants got mildew both years and the production was fairly low.

Even into late September and early October a lot of the veggies continued to do well like the parsley, eggplant, wax beans and a few fall snow peas.

In the beginning of October our tomatoes got hit with blight.  The fruit started to get spots and the plants died off from the inside out.  It seemed to happen overnight although I may be able to catch it earlier next year since I know what it looks like now.

We let the garden go the entire month of November because we couldn't think past or do much beside clean up from Hurricane Sandy.

Last weekend we removed all of the dead plants (and trashed the diseased one instead of the compost pile) and put leaf mulch on all of the beds for winter.  On the left side from front to back we still have oregano, flat leaf parsley, and leeks.  There is also some garlic on the right side but I planted it very late this year.

I would like to say that the parsley is still doing well but it is outside of the 8' garden fence and was discovered by the deer after the first hard frost.  After we installed the wood fence last summer I thought it was safe to try some veggies outside of the main garden plot.  I would have considered rabbits as the culprit except they also devoured 2.5' tall blueberry bushes and left some other evidence that Kodak discovered the next day.

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