Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fall Yard Work

 Over the summer and into the fall we continued to work on planting the new flower beds out front.  We planted some variegated hydrangeas near the blue spruce.

And the painted ferns that we planted earlier in the summer started to rally and convince us that we didn't really kill them.

We transplanted what we think is a native rhododendron from out back that was overgrown and buried in the shade.  It survived the trim and move very well.

And it changes to a deep purpley color in the fall.

This a perennial geranium that we planted closer to the street and along what will become a walkway from the mailbox to the house.

While Andy finished up the leaf clean-up I mulched the new beds.  Slowly all of the little pieces are starting to come together and eventually all of these beds will be combined into one.  Yeah for less grass to mow!

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